Pampering—the Perfect Cure for the Winter Blahs

By Lyndsey Lowe

Let’s face facts: Winter takes a toll on us all. Whether it be our diet, gym routine, overall motivation or general sense of happiness, it’s safe to say thDSCN0784is is the one season that doesn’t always bring out our  best. By April we all find ourselves in desperate need of some Vitamin D and are actually excited to get our rear ends to the gym so we can shed those Winter layers and resurrect our “summer bodies.” So, how do we make it through these dreaded four months of snow, sleet, frostbite and unfortunate paleness? Two words— Day Spa. I stopped into Broadway’s latest addition, The Saratoga Day Spa, to indulge in some much-needed pampering and get some pointers from owner Kelley Marsh on how to keep my spirits high and skin glowing during my least favorite time of the year.

The first treatment Kelley recommended to get me out of my Winter coma was an hour- long Reiki session. If you haven’t heard of it before, Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of healing that is supposed to clear and re-balance the flow of energy throughout your body; it is said to heal on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. For those skeptics out there, let me just tell you that I was on your side before Reiki guru Suzanne Golub got hold of me. The moment I stepped inside her Reiki suite at the Day Spa she was able to get my entire body to relax and sent me into a state of meditation for nearly an hour while she practiced her art.. One by one, she placed her hands above each of my chakras (centers of spiritual power in the human body) and I could actually feel the energy begin to flow throughout my body. When Suzanne finally woke me from my trance I felt more rested than I had in years. My body felt rejuvenated and my mind less crowded. The best part? She shared that Reiki can also be used as an anti-aging method because it is said to heal you from the inside out. Sold. The moral of the story is that Suzanne Golub can turn any skeptic into a believer, and every person out there can benefit from her healing hands. She’s currently running a special: first-time clients get a 30-minute Reiki session for only $35, so there’s no excuse to not get in there and try it!

My next treatment  was a Saratoga Spa Facial with Kelley Marsh herself. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a facial at least once a month, especially during the dry  Winter months. Kelley used a series of nourishing masks and gentle exfoliants from her product line Tu Él, which by the way is gluten-free and made in the USA, to take my skin from lackluster to glowing. A few of my personal faves were the “Say Goodbye to Dry” scrub, “Power Scrub” exfoliant and the chocolate face mask (duh). Overall, my facial experience was both relaxing and refreshing, and I wholeheartedly enjoyed chatting with Kelley and learning more about her business.


Next on my agenda was an authentic Swedish massage from Sweden’s own Anna Hollander. I love this woman. She is spunky, smart, and incredibly talented at what she does. I laid down on her massage bed (which, as a bonus,  is heated to perfection) not knowing what to expect as I’ve never had a Swedish massage.  Anna’s nimble fingers found every little knot I had on my body, including one shaped like a golf ball in between my shoulders that she informed me had been developing for YEARS now. Apparently my posture is not the best, and the many years I have spent hovering over my computer have not been kind to my muscles. She took her time working out my problem spots with her expert technique and made sure to leave me with some tips on how to keep my muscles loose and relaxed at home. For my large shoulder blade knot, she suggested I lay flat on the floor with a golf ball on the problem area and roll over it to release the tension. Anna lived up to all my high expectations, she made me feel comfortable and at home on her massage table, and I will most certainly be back. For Valentine’s Day this year, Anna and Kelley are running a special, $100 for a one-hour Facial and one-hour Massage. You can’t beat it! They also offer couple massages if you and your love want to be pampered together.


Last, but most certainly not least, I headed into the salon portion of Saratoga Day Spa to give my neglected tresses some TLC. Hair Stylist Amy Bath took one look at me and suggested the Repair Rescue treatment by Schwarzkopf Professional. This magical spray treatment penetrates each strand of hair and repairs damage from the inside out, leaving a protective coating that helps nourish hair. Amy took her time applying the treatment evenly over my entire head, and once it was applied, I only had to wait ten minutes for it to process! When the treatment was washed out, I was ready for styling and was able to see instant results.. My hair was smoother, softer, bouncier, and even felt a touch thicker. The winter weather is cruel to hair, especially bleached ones like mine, and this treatment brought it back to life! I left the salon feeling less like my “winter self” and more like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. A girl can dream. Make sure to call Amy to set up an appointment; your hair will thank you!

The Saratoga Day Spa is a welcome addition to our booming downtown community. Kelley has developed a business that is both professional and inviting. When I asked about her inspiration for the cozy little Day Spa, she said she wanted to open a salon where “everyone felt welcome.” Stop in to check out this great place for yourself at 376 Broadway, Suite 21A in Saratoga Springs and visit their website at for updates on their latest specials.