Get out on the water

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Do you feel like wakeboarding?

It’s all fun and games when you have some power under the hood and a great sound system — oh, and friends ready to play.

Buy one: $65,000-175,000

Find them here:
Castaway Marina, (518) 743-8433,
• Smith Boys, (518) 955-2700,


Take the family for a swim

Pontoons and family-friendly boats let you find a quiet spot where the kids can splash around, or deeper water where the teenagers can show off their belly-flops..

Buy one: From $12,000.

Find them here:
• Point Breeze Marina, 518-587-3397,
• Smith Boys, (518) 955-2700,
• Yankee Boating Center, (845) 728-0800,


Courtesy Halls Boat

Cruise in style

Beautiful and historic boats make your ride on the lake just that much more enjoyable.

Buy one: $7,500-175,000

Find them here:
Halls Boat, (518) 668-5437,


Courtesy The Tiki Tours

Floating cocktails

Spend some time with special friends at a tiki bar while you see the sights on the lake.

Rent it: Starting at $270/hour

Find it here:
The Tiki Tours, (800) 691-0770,


Courtesy shoreline boat sales

Relax with friends, or all by yourself

Catch some sun and show off your style in an elegant craft. No kids, no worries, just you and a well-engineered boat.

Buy one: $80,00-220,000

Find it here:
Shoreline Boat Sales, (518) 668-3297,