Sophistication in a Snip: LUXE Salon/Spa Continues to Bloom

Luxe 1 Luxe 2

When Alyssa Hatin—the owner of LUXE Salon/Spa, which is located at 328 Broadway in downtown Saratoga— was about five years old, she was given a doll with long blonde hair and from that moment on, she was constantly braiding her tresses and experimenting with different styles.

After graduating from Queensbury High School where, through BOCES, she studied cosmetology, she decided to chase her dream. “I launched my first salon—Couture Salon— in Lake George when I decided to be my own boss,” Hatin says. “I had a great opportunity and just did it. It was just a salon for about a year and then expanded to a full service spa. I owned that for about two years and then went back to Saratoga where I first began my career when I graduated high school and opened my second salon—LUXE.”

Owning your own business is not an easy feat. “When you own your own business you basically live there,” Hatin says. “I found my self sometimes not having a day off in weeks because I specialize in doing weddings and booked my self to stay busy and focus on my dream. I started by my self with two stations and expanded to five. Now the current salon I own in Saratoga springs have seven stations.”

The Saratoga location has been beneficial since the beginning. “As I opened in June 2015 right before track season I knew it was going to be busy in town,” she says. “I didn’t think as a new salon right on Broadway with a lot of other beautiful salons people would choose mine right away. I had so many walk ins and people calling to get in… it was a great feeling.”

The bustling downtown area is the ideal setting for a salon. When there is a constant flow of people strolling the sidewalks and scouring the streets for a parking spot, having a storefront that catches the eye is key. LUXE is hard to miss. There isn’t an array of elaborate colors or any sign complete with arrows pointing in the direction of the door; instead, it is seductive in nature, like a girl playing hard to get, beckoning customers inside with a simplistic, classic and elegant charm.

“It’s all about presentation,” Hatin says. “The town is also packed with so many local businesses that we all advertise for each other in a way. Which I think is a wonderful thing. The best form of advertising I think is word of mouth. About 75 percent of our business has been referrals.”

For right now, Hatin is happy and plans to continue to watch LUXE come into full bloom. “I have such a great group of girls right now from hair, eyelashes and facials,” she says. “My focus is to stay right where I am with a beautiful location and fully renovated salon, and just keep building the business as the years go on.”

There is no doubt that Hatin found her niche in life. “The love I have for being a stylist is the most amazing feeling, when someone sits in your chair feeling down about them selves and you get to change that,” Hatin says. “With each client I have a one on one consultation to see what I can do to make them walk out that door happy. My name is on every single one of my clients heads.”