Mineral Bath At Roosevelt Spa



There is nothing more luxurious than a nice warm bath on a cold Winters day. This afternoon I indulged myself with a mineral bath at Roosevelt Bath and Spa. It is in the beautiful and picturesque Spa State Park. Although there are other places to enjoy a mineral bath in and around Saratoga, Roosevelt Spa is my favorite place to go. I haven’t been there in a long time and the upgrades to the facility are substantial. I checked in at the front desk and then was escorted to the relaxation room to await the arrival of my bath attendant. I was asked if I wanted to use the steam room (coed) which is complimentary with any treatment at the Spa but I declined on this trip.

At the appointment time my bath attendant, Nicole, appeared and escorted me to my mineral bath. Each room is private and has its own bathroom and massage table. The bath attendant explained about the temperature (the baths are typically warm as opposed to hot) of the bath and how to adjust the temperature. My bath temperature was perfect and needed no adjusting for the 40 minute duration. The minerals in the water make the water buoyant so you will float in the water. Since I am petite, my attendant thoughtfully explained the reason for the plastic foot stool that can be placed in the water up against the end of the tub to stabilize yourself so you can enjoy soaking in the tub. There is relaxing meditational music playing in each of the rooms. You can control the volume of the music if you feel it is too soft or too loud by turning the knob that is in your bathroom. If you don’t want to listen to music you can simply turn it off.




The bath attendant lets each guest know when they will return with a warm towel. You can request that your attendant not enter the room or you can receive your warm towel at the beginning of your session which is the option I chose.  At the end of your session your attendant knocks on your door and lets you know that your treatment is over. The overall experience was a pleasant one. For an additional $5 you may choose from a variety of essential oils to include with your bath. I chose Eucalyptus oil but it smelled like Lemon Pledge; it was disappointing but not the end of the world. I may just bring my own oils on my next trip to the Spa.

Monday-Thursdays mineral baths are $30, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the baths are $40 and baths are $20 for Saratoga Springs residents (except during racing season). If you have never taken a mineral bath I strongly encourage you to do so. It is one of the quintessential Saratoga things to do. It is after all, what Saratoga Springs is all about.